'A Nation is a very complex thing...'.

Spray, acrylic & charcoal on canvas. 20" x 24" .


Portrait of Roger Casement, the Irish nationalist and human rights activist. Casement is an immensely intriguing figure. Having worked for the British empire investigating the conditions of indigenous people in Africa and South America for 20 years givign a voice to the voiceless, Casement ended his diplomatic career as British Consulate General in 1913 to dedicate himself to the cause of Irish independence.


Casement would go on to become one of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising, though his arrest off the coast of Kerry and the capture of German rifels he had arranged to be shipped to Irish Volunteers to the south of the country in the days before the rebellion were to have a detrimental effect to its success. He would later be put on trial for treason and ultimately hanged in Pentonville Prison in August 1916.


The painting refreneces a quote from Casement in which he expresses his views on nationhood and gives an insight into the type of nation he wants Ireland to become after achieving independence. The theme of inclusivity in the nation is as relevant today as it was in Casement's lifetime -


"Remember that a nation is a very complex thing - it never does consist, it never has consisted solely of one blood or of one simple race. It is like a river, which rises far off in the hills and has many sources, many converging streams before it becomes one great stream."  


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'A nation is a very complex thing...' - Roger Casement