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Photo Restoration

Have a precious old photo that needs rescuing?


Using restoration techniques, those rips, tears, colour defects, water stains, scratches, and missing pieces, can be repaired to restore your photo to its former glory.

A restored photo can make a great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift. 

Photo Restoration prices vary from €10-€60, (more in rare instances), and are dependent on the scale of work involved but they are always priced competitively.


For a free quote, email a picture of the photo to For more details and to see more samples get in touch.


See more samples below (Click image for full screen).

Photo Restoration Video: Try watching in full screen to see how this old photo was restored

Restoration Sample 1
Restoration Sample 2
Restoration Sample 3
Restoration Sample 4
Restoration Sample 5
Restoration Sample 6
Restoration Sample 7
Restoration Sample 8
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